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Please plan to mail us your knife.  This may not be necessary if we have your knife in our stock.  We will let you know in the quote.

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you will need to mail your knife to us.

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BladeTech Tek-Lok (Large) - Recommended for larger sheaths. Versatile belt attachment system with 2x adjustable belt shims. Fits up to a 2 inch belt or strap or can attach to some MOLLE webbing.

3.1" x 2" x 0.6"

Molle-Lok 2"

Clips to one (1) MOLLE loop

Overall Length = 3-1/2"

Opening Clearance = 2-1/4"

Width = 1"

Molle-Lok 1.5" with 4mm Belt Cavity

Overall Length = 2-3/4"

Opening Clearance = 1-1/2"

Width = 1"

Belt Cavity Size = 4mm (.157")

Additional Details

Molle-Lok Gen III (short)

Clips to two (2) MOLLE loops

Overall Length = 4-5/8"

Opening Clearance = 3-1/4"

Width = 1"

BladeTech Molle-Loks are designed to securely mount your sheath to MOLLE webbing or a strap.

BladeTech Tek-Lok (Small) - Recommended for smaller sheaths. Versatile belt attachment system. Fits up to a 1-1/2" inch belt or strap.

2" x 1.7" x 0.5"

NOTE: A right-hand draw scout-carry sheath is built as a left hand sheath and a left-hand draw scout-carry sheath is built as a right hand sheath.

NOTE: Direct Mount = Mounting system is mounted directly to the sheath and typically worn on your dominant side hip or in your pocket.

NOTE: Cross-Draw = Reach across your abdomen to pull out the knife. The sheath is mounted on your non-dominant side hip (i.e. Left hip for right-hand draw and right hip for left-hand draw).

NOTE: Scout-Carry = Carried on your belt horizontally behind your back.


  We are currently booked through the end of 2022 and are no longer accepting new orders.

Please check back with us in a couple of months for any updates.

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